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Posted By on January 2, 2012

This weekend my hubby decided it would be nice to replace our old bathroom faucet. It sometimes dripped. What we thought would be a simple project turn it a major plumbing job. As my hubby was removing the old faucet fixtures, he accidentally broke the pipe that is connected to the the wall.

This is what happened in my hubby’s words.

PVC pipe is REALLY not flexible enough to replace the sink drain pipe. Should have just cut the pipe and replaced this, but I tried to bent it and ended up snapping off the 3″ -> 1.5″ T PVC adapter inside the wall, behind the cabinet. Oh joy.

So he had to cut in the wall on the other side of the bathroom and replace that pipe as well.

Here is what he said about that:

And let me tell you this sucked. I had about an inch on the right side to work with, maybe a half inch behind the pipe to the wall, and very little room to work with on the left and front. Took a good hour to make two cuts.

Then he had to put it all back together.

And here is what he said about this:

There was absolutely zero play either up or down from the main drain pipe. So I found a rubber cover that I could slide all the way up the top pipe, then seat and cement the bottom pipe, and then slide the collar down over both pipes and screw it shut.

Finally, all the plumbing fixtures were done.

This is what he said about this:

Ugh. I did this right, unlike the previous installer, and put in a swiveling, adjustable P-trap under the sink, so if I have to take it out again, I can just unscrew the retainer from the bottom of the sink and unscrew the right part of the P-trap and remove the whole thing. Phew. That was time-consuming and frustrating!

I am grateful that I have a husband who can fix problems around the house. Finally here is the pictures of the old and new faucets.

Old Faucet

A Beautiful waterfall faucet. Thank you Sweetie!!!

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